Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne Supplee (Book Discussion Questions)

Title: Somebody Everybody Listens To
Author: Suzanne Supplee 
Pages: 245
Content: V=1, D=1, S=1, L=2

***Spoiler Alert!!!  Don't read these unless you've read the book!***

1. Retta obviously wants to become “somebody everybody listens to” in her music.  Do you think she also wants to be somebody everybody listens to in her everyday life?

2. Were you surprised when Retta’s mom left her dad for King?  Do you think there is any way that her mom and dad’s relationship could have continued? 

3. Retta’s mom was obviously cheating on her dad, either physically or emotionally, long before she ran away with King.  Was she right to do this or did she deserve the happiness?

4. Retta begins to feel as though maybe she and her dad pushed her mom to run away – do you think this is true?

5. Chat tells Retta “you’ll be sleeping in your car permanently unless you scrape together some originality.”  There is also a quote in the book that says “it is your own true voice that will carry you.”  Yet, at the end Retta doesn’t sing her own song but “I’ll Fly Away” written by Albert Brumley.  Still, Chat hears that un-original song and offers to help Retta out.  Why?  Do you think Chat changed or was it Retta who changed?
(Hint: Retta was able to make the song her own because she was not just imitating someone, but was truly connected to the song on an emotional level.)

6. When Retta’s mom ran away with King, Retta was prepared to stay and take care of her daddy until he told her to go.  At one point her narrative says, “Lots of people probably left their families in times of trouble, but for some reason, I didn’t have it in me to be one of them.”  However, Bobby McGee thinks she is making a mistake.  Do you think Retta was right to lay down all of her dreams or is a family crisis more important?

7. Do you like country music?  Why or why not?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now announcing...!

Now announcing…!  This is my “official” website but I will actually be selling my handmade cards on

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Thanks for reading and come back soon!