Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Book Folding Example

Why yes, I AM addicted to book folding.  I'd be worried if I wasn't...

Book folded from Christopher Unborn by Carlos Fuentes.

I actually did this one before the book in the last post.  Several pages are folded in the same direction at a time, which makes for a less fluid but bolder look.

The worst part was doing the mathematical calculations to see what type of fold I should do first.  I attempted this design on another book, but since I ran out of pages on a different fold the piece lacked symmetry.  I messed up again on this book, but since it had more pages I simply unfolded some at the front and some at the back... problem solved!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Folding

I must say, my favorite material thing is a good book and my favorite art technique is origami.  You can imagine how I felt when I discovered something that combines the two: book folding!

How I discovered this, I honestly can't remember - although I'm sure it involved searching the web for inspiration and instead stumbling upon my new hobby.

The neat thing about book folding is that the finished result is a piece of art that can be used in decorating and as a conversation piece.  If you are going to make one for a book lover though, make sure it's from a book they've read - imagine the horror of having an unread book laying around!

There are not many tutorials showing people how to do this online, so a lot of this I had to figure out myself.  I'm still not sure how others even begin to do the more elaborate designs, some of which include shapes and words.  If I ever discover the secret I can just imagine what I would be creating... lightening bolt shapes from Harry Potter books, the Mockingjay symbol from the Hunger Games, and, if I got really good, a horse for Black Beauty.

This was folded from Star Trek The Lost Years by J.M. Dillard.  I have made several different styles of books (more pictures of those are yet to come.)  I haven't put any in my Etsy shop yet, because I have not determined shipping, but I hope to do so soon!