Sunday, August 4, 2013

My... Baby

So I got a Baby.

Anyone who knows me is probably very confused right now.  How does the college aged girl who has never even had a boyfriend have a baby?  Easy, I bought one.

It was an investment, but so far I love having it around.  Still thinking about names though and haven't decided about the gender.  Haven't decided the gender?  Oh yeah, it's not actually... human.

So pretty much every photographer I have ever met has referred to their camera as their baby.  The first time I heard that I simply thought it was strange.  The second and third times I questioned the photographers sanity due to their attachment to an inanimate object.  Following occasions I began to think there was some strange cult... like those moms who buy life-like baby dolls and pretend they are real.  Now I've joined their ranks (the photographers ranks I mean, not the weird moms.)

Well, I've mostly joined.  I haven't referred to my new Nikon D3100 as my baby... yet.  I haven't created a scrapbook of its first stuttering steps in ISO and aperture.  And I certainly haven't lovingly cradled it in my arms, crying tears of joy, as I imagine our long future together, which will probably include Doctor Who and bacon, and feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I can have such a true and steady friend who will simply capture the memories instead of insisting that I share the bacon too.  Certainly nothing like that.

I will tell you that I have never been so excited when waiting for a package.  I don't know how many times I plugged in my tracking number to see where it was at.  When the doorbell rang the only thing that could have made me happier was if I saw the current Doctor standing there with the TARDIS perched in one of the front yard trees.  Unwrapping it was sort of like Christmas on steroids.  Taking my first Photo Adventure was great fun. 

And it was during that adventure when I got the first inkling of why photographers might refer to their camera as their baby.  And not just cause you want to hold it close to your heart... but because when you do, it's heavy.  Seriously.  How do these photographers do it?  I lugged my camera bag all over campus and when I got home I felt like I had not just a baby strapped across my shoulders, but more like a very small hippo.  And the camera is so heavy around my neck.  This could be just me, because sometimes even just wearing lightweight necklaces gives me headaches, but my neck is always sore after carrying my camera around.  I really wanted to have this camera for if I study abroad, but now I'm wondering if I'm that committed.  I guess I'll just have to keep practicing and maybe hope that love will lift the weight from my shoulders.  Till then, I can see how "baby" is an adequate description.

The photo below is from my first Photo Adventure, and is of a yellow hibiscus.  Not a perfect photo, but pretty good for the first hour of use I'd say!

yellow hibiscus

Oh yeah, I'm thinking about Mildred.  Opinions?