My Handmade Cards

Some people can paint, others build things, I like to work with paper.  Paper is not my life, but it can show the truths and experiences of my life.  I love to write on paper, fold paper, and use paper to send greetings to others.

I am absolutely infatuated with origami, and although I have nowhere near the abilities of say... Robert Lang or Tomoko Fuse, I love the process of creating  a three-dimensional piece of art with a single sheet of paper.  My favorite model to fold is the origami crane - not only because I can practically do it with my eyes closed, but also because it is a symbol of peace, honor, and loyalty - qualities I hope to practice and emulate.

Not only do my handmade cards feature origami, some of them also use the pages of old books.  I love books and sometimes reading them is not enough.  Books inspire me to create.  Sometimes the creativity comes in the form of writing my own thoughts and stories, but other times it means deconstructing or re-constructing books into something new.  I have also recently learned how to make folded book art, which is just another way to express myself.

Some of my cards I donate to Operation Write Home, an organization that sends handmade cards for our heroes overseas to write home on.  Other cards (and folded book art) I sell at my Etsy shop.

I believe handmade cards give that extra "oomph" to whatever message you are trying to send - whether it is a get-well wish or a thank-you note.  Handmade cards have been made with love and add something extra-special to what might have been a standard greeting.  These cards will bring a smile to a recipients face and are sure to be displayed on bookshelves and mantelpieces for months after they were received.

Please visit my website for more detailed information or visit my Etsy shop to buy cards!