Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Origami Cards for OWH

I must be a writer – I edited that last post at least 5 times.  The first two to fix typos, the second and third time to add paragraphs, and the last time to fix one other typo.   So, if anyone reads my posts and thinks “huh… I swear that wasn’t phrased that way and I’m sure I didn’t read that paragraph before” well... you’re probably right.

Anyways, I shipped off a package of 25 cards to Operation Write Home just yesterday.  I hope they arrive safely, I'm not sure that big envelope they were packaged in was quite sturdy enough.  Anyways, I thought I would share a few more of the cards I made for them - these ones featuring my one true love... origami!

What guy wouldn't want a giraffe shirt?  Actually, there are probably tons but we never see them because of us females.  What girl wants to show off her boyfriend if he's wearing such atrocious colors?  And what wife wants to be asked "Honey, does this shirt bring out the caveman in me?"  And any teenage girl hoping to become wildly popular by dragging her father out while he wears such attire will be disappointed to find that animal prints *are* "in"... just not for men.  In spite of this, I couldn't resist making this outfit!  I just hope it won’t give anyone any ideas…

Oooh – sparklyyy!  But still totally safe.  Safe?  Yeah, glitter can be dangerous.  OWH doesn’t allow cardmakers to use glitter or sparkles that could rub off the card because it is a safety hazard to our heroes.  Luckily, the sparklies in this paper are fully embedded and won’t be rubbed off!

Here's another masculine card but with a little more sense of fashion (and the paper is all matchy-matchy!)

This card features an origami rosette which, in my humble opinion, are just adorable!

And my last card is another man card =]  I think it looks very American and patriotic.

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