Monday, July 11, 2011

Post "Official"

Okay, so I posted before but this is my first "official" post because the last one was pure rambling in order to finalize the "look" of my blog.  Without further ado...

Welcome to Just by Josephine! (Or Jo, if you prefer.)

As that little description on the sidebar so succinctly says, I am a resident of the State of Insanity.  I am also a Dabbler.  I like to learn and/or try new things (within reason) and have many hobbies.  I am incapable of choosing favorites so I will list whatever hobbies come to the top of my head and cut them off before... say 50?  I am a writer, origami addict, post-it note lover, and handmade card maker.  I enjoy photography, altering clothing (the only sort of surgery I feel safe performing), reading books (mostly fiction, but I'm currently reading about punctuation and also synesthesia), oggling over origami paper and models, and listening to my cat whine.  Actually, scratch that last one (pun intended).  The two talents I absolutely do not posses is any ability in the art or music department.  I can kill a rhythm with one hand and even my stick figures wish they had never been born.

In the future I will be posting some craft tutorials and about my thoughts and up-and-coming handmade card business.

I had better go for I am currently engaged in one of my non-hobbies - listening to my cat whine.  And no wonder... it's 23 minutes past her dinner time!  Sorry kitty... maybe if you hadn't started the pitiful noises at 3 pm I might have took better notice 23 minutes ago.

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