Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spirelli and spirelli and spirelli... oh my!

I've been having more fun with Spirelli cards!  These are all made for

Pink Spirelli Close-Up

One tip for making Spirelli cards is to remember that dark thread shows up well on light paper, but light thread doesn't "pop" when wound around dark paper.  My solution?  Use thicker strands of light colored threads.

Pink Spirelli

Using thick embroidery thread makes this a bold fun card.  Now, see how it contrasts with a card made with single strands of dark embroidery thread on a light background.

Green Spirelli

These are two totally different looks, using the same colors - just reversed!

Patriotic Spirelli

I also made a rather patriotic card... perfect for our military! 

Purple Spirelli Flower

I have also made a flower with Spirelli.  I didn't have any stamps with flower stems, so I had to improvise and draw one of my own.  I'm not sure what this means as far as sending it to OWH, I know that crafters can't include handwritten sentiments, so it might be the same rules for hand-drawn.

Purple Spirelli Flower Close-Up

I hope you enjoyed these Spirelli cards!  I hope to post a tutorial on how to make them one of these days.

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