Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elegant Lucky Stars in Gold Goblet

Lucky stars can be cute, but they are also very elegant when folded from metallic papers.

One of the most sophisticated ways to use lucky stars is to place them in a wineglass or a goblet.

You can use a plain wineglass or one that complements the stars.

This would be the perfect centerpiece for tables at a wedding or other elegant party.

If you scatter the stars around the table, they also take the form of a classy confetti that your guests will want to take home (talk about easy clean up!)

Gold stars would also be a great gift for a "golden anniversary."  Imagine giving your loved one 50 gold stars in a wineglass or maybe 500 in a vase!  The gift could be displayed for many more years to come and will be a continual reminder of your love.  You could also write one thing you love about the person on every single star and have your loved one read a new one each day.

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