Monday, December 12, 2011

"Lantern" Book Folding Art

I'm at it again!  This time I decided to try a paperback book.  Take a look:

I found some really cool vintage-looking children's books along with a book rack at an estate sale this weekend.  "Well," I thought to myself, "I would feel terrible folding them... but I could definitely photograph them with folded books!"

There was a set of nine for $10 and the book rack was free (probably since I purchased all the books it held!)

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This folded paperback book is two books in one: "A Time to Forgive" and "Promise Forever" by Marta Perry.

Book folding can be placed as book ends by other books.  I would suggest using one of those slim black metal book ends if your books don't actually stand up on their own... you wouldn't want your folded creation to be crushed!  So far, I've only used metal book ends as a safety precaution since my books seem to stay standing on their own.

I really had a lot of fun setting up all these different designs!

I call this design "Lantern" because it reminds me of one of those paper lanterns you might hang up outside.  This one is made of paper too, but I don't think I'd risk putting it outside!

Thanks for reading... and looking!

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