Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Blog Layout

If you can't tell, I've redesigned my blog!  I felt the need for something a little "cleaner."  I changed the colors to black and white so that things would be easier to read, especially the links.  I hope the fun fonts show up, I really like them.   I also adjusted the width of my blog so I can use huge pictures.  Then, of course, there is the header...

Okay, I'm going to brag for a moment... isn't it beautiful????  Alright, bragging done.  But seriously, I really like this.  The blog is clean, and somewhat professional looking, but still has that little "pop" that is totally me!

The curvy design is a spirelli (you know, that string art you did as a kid).  I had already made it for a digital scrapbooking set and had never used it before!  I was thinking of using the spirelli I made to accent backgrounds, but I think inserting photos within them could make a really interesting (albeit difficult) scrapbook layout.

The hardest part of creating the header (after actually figuring out what I even wanted to do for my header and trying various photo-montages) was finding the right photos.  I have tons of photos, but not all of them look good in such small spaces.  I had to stretch some of them out... the stretch is somewhat noticeable to me, but what do you think?  If you had to pick, which are the ones that you think needed to be stretched?

After finding the right photos, it wasn't to hard to insert them.  A little bit finicky re-sizing them once they were placed in their slots but, overall, not to bad.

This probably isn't the last time I'll redesign my blog (I really, really enjoy it) but I think this template shall stick around for awhile.

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